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Down 15# and 30 Inches! Sarah had a hard time fitting in her workouts. So she scheduled three days a week first thing in the morning to reach her goals!


Down 5# and 1% Body Fat Kyle came to us with the goal of competing on America Ninja Warrior. He made it happen!


Down 75# and 21% By focusing on nutrition, Boyce changed his life!


What equipment do I need?

None! Just your body weight will get you to your weight loss goals!


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! If you don't wish to continue the program, email us for instructions on how to cancel!


How do I connect with my coach?

Each week, we host a live coaching call in our private group where you can ask Dave anything!

Clients Tell Us


Fit life Champions is great for those that want to get in shape, with the ease of doing it at home but with the support of a pro guiding you every step of the way.


Dave's plan is simple to follow, and he is engaging and encouraging. He responds to your comments and truly has your best interest in mind.


Dave makes this experience exactly what you want it to be. He listens to you and what you are trying to achieve and creates a program that caters to just that.


Dave and his team have an awesome fitness program and tailor it to each individual. Highly recommended!

1,000s of people have reached their goals with Fit Life

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